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This is where you will find details of some of the most exciting projects our teams are currently working on and witness first hand as we endeavour to push the boundaries of technology and software, and to redefine what is possible.


Increasingly, we are seeing innovation in software and smart technology which no longer simply exist in the physical world but are tied in directly to it. These advancements are helping us to interact with, and to understand, the world around us on a more profound level. The development of the iBeacon is an example of this.

iBeacons utilise a traditional transmitter/receiver set-up but take this a step further. Using Bluetooth Low Energy functionality, these devices can communicate sophisticated data between points, making them incredibly useful in the world of business.

This is one of the aims of our active research; to push the boundaries of what these iBeacons can be used for. In retail, in construction, and in other aspects of business, these miniature beacons have become far more than just placemarkers or trackers. They represent another layer of understanding within an increasingly data-centric business culture.


Augmented Reality

We are incredibly excited about augmented reality and the possibilities that such a medium offers. The concept of overlaying visualisations and complex data patterns onto real world environments is nothing new, but it is only recently that we have achieved the technological refinement required to really take it to the next level.

Our research team are examining the possibilities and the capabilities of a fledgling but fascinating technology. Imagine the kind of difference effective AR could provide to tourism - with visitors engaging with and gaining insight from interactive, real-life exhibits and historical locations. Alternatively, consider education - an immersive experience has long been considered the Holy Grail of teaching; with AR, such engagement becomes possible.

These are the sorts of avenues our teams are currently exploring, forging innovative pathways into the world of Augmented Reality. Wherever we end up, it is sure to be interesting.


Artificial Intelligence

The leading edge of research into artificial intelligence is finely honed, keen and razor sharp. This is what is driving change in this field, pushing our understanding of AI ever further onwards. Something about artificial intelligence has captured the human imagination for decades.

Our research focusses on Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic systems and on the ways in which these concepts can be applied to the creation of smart interactive systems. If we can create a system which truly learns – which genuinely comprehends and understands the needs of the humans it interacts with – the applications of such technology are almost limitless.

This is our aim; to harness machine learning techniques and to push them that little bit further in the pursuit of true intelligence. Achieve this, and trigger a revolution in the landscape of technical support, of retail product and service delivery, of customer interaction and assistance, and in any other field in which direct engagement is required.


Artificial Intelligence

Internet of Things

Web connectivity was never designed to be restricted to traditional computing devices. Just as the internet branched out from the desktop to the laptop to the smartphone and to the tablet, it has made the leap once again, as it begins to permeate every aspect of our lives.

This is the Internet of Things – or IoT – which is the concept by which 
everything around us can be connected. The upshot of this is data, and lots of it, as previously inert household objects have now gained the ability to collect, to process, to store and even to interpret information.

We envisage a world in which our homes and our cars are controlled by the tap of a smartphone touchscreen, or by some other centralised electronic device. This comprehensive connectivity not only makes life more convenient; it can help us to better understand our environment, optimising fuel and energy use.


Bots exist at the point of contact between artificial intelligence and interactive automation. These applications are not a new phenomena – Apple’s Siri has been around for several years and less sophisticated forms of interactive AI are far older than this – but the science behind the function is really beginning to gather pace.

We are developing technology which will help bots to provide increasingly sophisticated, reliable and complex services to users, mimicking the intelligent responses and logical capabilities of a human. One of the key fields we are focussing on is wealth management, as we aim to enhance and augment the functionality of bots in order to provide smart market advice, assistance and projects to investors. To achieve this, we are conducting in-depth research into both ‘retrieval’ and ‘generative’ response models, growing the scope and capability of this exciting science.


Virtual Reality

Virtual reality was once the preserve of video gamers and game designers. Not anymore. Instead, virtual reality has become one of the business world’s primary growth technologies. This is because its applications are so abundant.

Look at data visualisation. The best visualisations are those which take the user on a journey, developing a narrative & placing that user at the heart of it. Virtual reality – and the immersive experience it provides – makes this easier than ever before. The applications do not end here; mathematical modelling, product testing, and risk assessment can all be transformed by effective virtual reality technology.

However, we don’t believe that traditional VR functionality will exist in isolation. Instead, we expect to see it combined with augmented reality – or AR, as discussed in the relevant section – to become mixed reality, or MR. By introducing elements of both VR and AR, the Shout Digital team hope to produce something wholly new, wholly innovative and incredibly exciting.


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