Celebrating our Contributing Platinum Partner Status

We’re thrilled to have received the news from Umbraco that our status as a Contributing Platinum Partner has been renewed in recognition of our teams’ contribution to the Umbraco community over the past year.

The Platinum Partner programme was launched by Umbraco last year and we were honored to be one of the first agencies in the UK to be part of the Platinum tier, on the back of 8 preceding years as an Umbraco Gold Partner.

The success of any open-source project is dependent on collaboration and community-driven initiatives. Umbraco’s efforts to foster collective progress towards shared ambitions is what makes it so special, and we’re committed to playing an active role in the future of the platform we know and love.

Everyone at Shout is a huge advocate for the friendly CMS, and for the Umbraco Professionals, Experts and Masters among our ranks, we’re dedicated to providing the time for continued training and development to maintain and advance their existing certifications.

But beyond that, encouraging our teams to connect with other partners at Codegarden and Umbraco UK Festival has presented ample opportunities for knowledge sharing, facilitating meaningful conversations about new build approaches, and inspiring our own internal research and innovation projects.

We held two Umbraco Meetups at our Newcastle HQ over the past year, facilitating conversations around new back office features, sustainability, automating deployments and considerations for headless CMS. Alongside that, as part of the Headless Community team we’ve regularly participated in key discussions around the future of Umbraco’s headless offering in both the core CMS and Heartcore.

Our learning from the past year are actively being applied to client projects to help them actualise the full potential of the platform, but we’re already looking ahead to future versions and exploring new concepts that we hope will have a positive impact for the Umbraco community as a whole.

What’s new in Umbraco 14 

13 May 2024

Umbraco 14, set to be released on 30th May 2024, brings exciting changes to the popular CMS platform. 

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