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Shout partner with Ecologi to reduce impact on the planet

It’s hard to move in 2022 without coming across stories about the impact of human activity on our planet. From record heatwaves to flooding, wildfires to disappearing glaciers, there are worrying headlines all over. For many of us, it has been challenging to know how to respond. Like many businesses, becoming more environmentally sustainable is important to us, and we are taking steps to reduce the impact of our business on the planet.

Shout partner with Ecologi to reduce impact on the planet

Our workspace was completely renovated in 2021 and has modern features like automatic lights, and great insulation to make sure we have a lighter carbon footprint. We’re all encouraged to use public transport, walk or cycle to the office and we have a commuter pass and cycle to work scheme in place. But the reality is, some people need to drive because of their location or family commitments, and running a room full of computers and monitors – whilst keeping everyone topped up with coffee and snacks – does have an impact. Not to mention the servers that power and host the projects we create.

While no action is perfect, we’re delighted to be able to make a positive difference by partnering with Ecologi to fund projects which offset the carbon footprint of our team, and plant trees for the future of our planet. It’s just the start, and we’ll be working on how we contribute further positive social value over time.

You can see how the Shout forest is doing, and learn more about the work Ecologi is funding here:  

We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi


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