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Web Applications Web Applications Web Applications | 25.08.15

Responsive Web Design - What Does the Future Hold?

Although the term was only coined in 2010 by a web designer named Ethan Marcotte, the last five years have seen responsive design become a staple of the internet. So much so that today, in 2015, any modern web designer not stuck in the fixed-width past...

Digital Strategy Digital Strategy Digital Strategy | 09.08.15

Setting up Google Analytics: Making your website accountable

Given that your website could well be your business’s best salesman (How many other salespeople do you have that can reach hundreds or thousands of people in minutes?) it’s imperative that you can hold it accountable for its success.

Mobile Applications Mobile Applications Mobile Applications | 14.06.15

The 4 Most Exciting Things We Learned at WWDC 2015

As the dust settles on Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2015, all that’s left to do is digest the information that we’ve had poured into us by the Cupertino tech-giant's skillful MCs.

Mobile Applications Mobile Applications Mobile Applications | 05.04.15

The Future of Wearable Tech

Case-in-point: Apple is currently in the process of releasing their highly anticipated Apple Watch. The first new product since the iPad in 2010, the Apple Watch offers consumers multiple options and styles depending on specific tastes.

Emerging Technology Emerging Technology Emerging Technology | 24.02.15

Getting to Know the Apple iBeacon

Have you heard of one of Apple’s latest innovations – the iBeacon? To put it simply, the iBeacon is an indoor positioning system capable of transmitting information to nearby iOS 7 and iOS 8 devices. It provides a unique line of communication between...

Web Applications Web Applications Web Applications | 19.12.13

California road trip with Shout

To embark upon the journey of a lifetime, all you need are four wheels and a tank of gas, right? Well now you don’t even need those.

Company News Company News Company News | 20.11.13

Shout do the triple at the MiAwards

Last week, we got suited and booted and trundled off to Manchester to wine and dine at the MiAwards 2013, the awards that recognise the very best in the marketing, media and communications industries.

Mobile Applications Mobile Applications Mobile Applications | 24.07.13

Shout Digital builds App for construction specialist

We’re delighted to announce the release, in collaboration with our partners, 4Projects, of a new app that allows construction teams to access and amend their project information on the go from their mobile phones and tablet devices.

Digital Strategy Digital Strategy Digital Strategy | 21.07.13

Content is King: Just another digital cliché?

Way back in the dark days of 1996, when the words web 2.0 were merely a glint in Tim O’Reilly’s eye, Bill Gates outlined his vision of the future of the internet where “content is king”.

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