Predictions for 2020

Predictions for 2020

With 2019 coming to an end, the Shout team start to look to the year ahead and share our thoughts on what we think will need to be considered to create and maintain success and in the digital landscape, and the commitment Shout will continue to give to our clients.

Here we give some company insights and a cross-section of predictions for 2020 including, Development, Wearable Tech, Creative CX, Account Management and Support and Marketing CX.

Adam Jones – Vice President

The Future of Financial Technologies

Financial technology or FinTech is poised to become one of the most rapid and important changes to how consumers interact with their daily lives through the implementation of technology. Gartner, one of the world’s leading technology research consultants, predicted in 2017 that by 2020 100 million consumers will shop using Augmented Reality and that 30% of all web-based sessions will be done without a screen.  

It’s not difficult to see how the above statistics can carry over to banking. As consumers lives become more and more interconnected through technology with each passing year, consumers are coming to expect that these technologies are implemented in almost all aspect of their daily lives – from shopping to connecting with their friends to banking. Gone are the days when the most important thing for a bank is to have the greatest number of branches or to be open later than competitors. Customers want to bank digitally, they want 24-hour access to their banking information, and they want it in the palm of their hand.

Rick Butterfield – Front End Developer

Different screen, same experience

With an increasing number of devices appearing with different screen sizes, building responsive experiences is still relevant so that users can access websites no matter the device they’re using. Similarly, internet access around the world is always increasing and improving, but there’s still a need for developers to keep fast, low-data websites being the key priority, so users can be part of the same experience no matter where they are in the world or the quality of their internet. 

Get ready for .NET core framework  

Microsoft’s investment in GitHub and continuing presence in the open-source world is pushing the .NET framework into more and more places and companies are starting to respond. Umbraco has announced their plans to get a future version working on .NET Core, and Sitecore are investing in the same so we’ve got a race on to get the first .NET Core CMS platform released. This means that we’ll see C# development on macOS and Linux happening more and more. 

Ron Wilcox – Account Director  

Wearable Tech gets serious

There have already been significant advances in the wearable tech space in recent years, driven in no small part by Apple’s impressive Apple Watch, but 2020 promises to be an exciting year. There are important research and development in areas such as analysing walking mechanics, or gait – for predicting Alzheimer’s disease, to sweat sensors that can warn a user if their electrolyte loss is causing a risk of dehydration. Apple and the Android consumer-driven hardware may build on the EKG sensors from 2019, with features such as diabetes monitoring and sleep measurement. We have only just begun the wearable age – 2020 may see it begun to flourish.

Ian Mullen - Creative/CX 

Experience. It’s everything!  

We need to be creating the understanding that not every customer wants or needs to have the same experiences. User interfaces should no longer be static, prescribed experiences. Personalisation allows companies to have instantaneous, responsive interactions with their customers, building engagement and tailoring the experience to their needs. Working in tandem with voice, AI and other innovative technologies, we should be creating relationships with customers based on a platform of trust, context and real understanding. 

Bethany Hickford – Support 

Chatbots. Your ‘out of hours’ friend 

With an increasing demand for support services to work around the clock, businesses will have to utilise new technologies and platforms to meet these needs, such as Bots and AI. These ever-advancing technologies could be a gamechanger for support services in the years to come, eliminating the need for customer service agents to continually repeat answers to the same questions; and providing a new, efficient and cost-effective method of communication. Whilst some fear the effect this will have on the demand for support roles, ultimately, chatbots can free up agents to spend more time solving complex service problems.  

Aligned with chatbots, self-service portals will become a necessity for successful organisations, promoting customers to help themselves. At Shout, it’s important to us that we are always fostering an environment of knowledge transfer and upskilling. Whether it’s a workshop, demo or face-to-face walkthrough, we want to ensure our customers have the right skills to own and manage the solutions we build for them. As we learn and grow, so do our customers and that’s a philosophy we will continue to uphold in 2020.  

Amy Czuba – Account Management  

Certainty, in uncertain times 

As we move into the new year, it's important to reflect on the account wins that 2019 have brought, to encourage them to become more frequent in 2020. Whether this has been with a valued existing client, or in establishing a new working relationship, it’s clear that maintaining symbiotic rapport in line with clients defined strategy results in trust. Managing an account successfully comes with taking a consultative approach to ensuring that the end users experience is memorable and repeatable. Whether you believe that 2020 will bring uncertain times or not, it's reassuring to know that you have a Shout account manager that you trust to ensure that your digital business needs are not only been met but that your overarching digital strategy is being constantly dispersed into every action throughout the whole Shout team. 

Rachel Roberts – Marketing/CX 

Invest in your audience and they will invest in you 

To thrive in a post-Brexit economy, businesses will need to focus on their customers and review their CX strategy, by investing in the right technology and harnessing data. To increase revenue and satisfaction, customer-focused innovation and operational processes will be key to retention and loyalty. At Shout we work with you to make a difference, adding value to your current strategy and helping you solve problems. We go beyond the expected and we’re here in times of uncertainty. We deliver digital experiences your audience will love and will return to again, and again. 

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