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Digital Strategy | 19.09.2017

The API Economy

APIs have become almost ubiquitous in modern business, particularly in terms of financial services. learn more about the possibilities of the API economy, the security issues that must be addressed, and the manner in which the financial services industry is being overhauled.

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Customer Experience | 04.09.2017

Digital Trends and Customer Experience in Higher Education

New channels and technologies are proliferating faster than most businesses are able to keep up with, universities and higher education institutes are no exception.

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Emerging Technology | 31.05.2017

iBeacon trends and applications

iBeacons continued emergence into the worlds of business, education, leisure and tourism, among others, is proving to be a major game-changer, and it is helping to reshape the way in which we approach technology.

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Mobile Applications | 25.05.2017

Trends for the Mobile Industry 2017

If you are a tech innovator in 2017, the mobile industry is where you need to be. This is where the world’s best-selling devices are designed, crafted, honed and sold. It is where big money organisations like Google, Apple and Samsung...

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Digital Strategy | 20.07.2016

What makes a good digital experience for charities?

With digital advancements, evolving consumer habits and behaviour and increased competition, how do charities adapt to changes and create meaningful relationships with first-time donors?

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Mobile Applications | 09.12.2015

How Mobile is Affecting the Travel Industry

Advances in technology are constantly reshaping the way that consumers interact with businesses and purchase their services, opening up new avenues of communication between businesses and their customers.

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Mobile Applications | 26.08.2015

Mobile Development with Xamarin

For many users, mobile apps are fast replacing desktop software as their primary means of interacting with and accessing businesses’ services. As usage increases so too do the demands of the consumer; users want their apps...

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Mobile Applications | 20.08.2015

Mobile Transformation in Financial Services

The financial industry is constantly changing thanks to new technologies that allow people to do more remotely. While banks and other financial institutions have lagged behind other industries to incorporate the latest technology in the...

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Mobile Applications | 10.08.2015

How Mobile Devices are Affecting Retail

Over the last twenty years technology has radically shifted the way consumers browse and shop for products and the ways in which businesses have communicated with and advertised to them. Starting just over twenty years ago...

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