The API Economy

Digital Strategy Digital Strategy Digital Strategy | 19.09.17

The API Economy

APIs have become almost ubiquitous in modern business, particularly in terms of financial services,
particularly in terms of financial services. The acronym API stands for application programming interface and refers to a set of functions which enable direct interaction with IT systems and platforms. In effect, they make the processes of software development and integration far more straightforward and accessible.

As businesses seek to develop their digital maturity – creating innovative and unique strategies aimed at providing customers and clients with what they need and also making corporate processes run much more smoothly – business owners need digital structures which they can rely upon. 

Not only this, but they need digital structures which are specifically tailored to their business model, the unique objectives, and the products and services of their organisation. This is where an API can play a huge role.

learn more about the possibilities of the API economy, the security issues that must be addressed, and the manner in which the financial services industry is being overhauled.

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