Customer Experience Customer Experience

Customer Experience Customer Experience Customer Experience

Understanding your business objectives to uncover the motivations of your target audience.

Research and Insight

Here at Shout, we have an in-depth understanding of our clients' objectives, their market and their audience.

Improving customer experience — your customers' perceptions of their interactions with the company's products, systems, and services — leads to faster revenue growth, increased margins, and lower costs. 

At the centre of those interactions is good user experience, combining elements of product design, service design, and innovation, and helps to attract and retain customers.

This is why initial research and discovery is so vital to our service. Before any design or development work can begin, we must first take time to analyse your objectives, understand the motivations of your audience, and strategise our focus on value and ROI to ensure that these experiences are transformative not only for customers but also for your business.  

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Customer experience has an immeasurable impact on businesses, no matter what industry they are in or service they provide and the only way to deliver great customer experience is through truly understanding your customers.

Our customer experience and strategy team can analyse and review your customer’s overall journey and interactions through your businesses product and service ecosystem and find where improvements are possible. We focus on real evidence and data over opinions and can test actual customers as they perform authentic tasks and utilise this insight to deliver actionable recommendations.

Great customer experience is all about adding purpose and thought into every interaction a customer has with your business. Providing high-quality customer experiences that bring value to your business, and the customer is at the heart of Shout’s offering.

UX Design

UX Design

Why do users visit your websites and mobile apps? Without exception, it is to achieve their goal; to receive a positive solution to their problem. This means that a customer cares about one thing and one thing only when they interact with you; how effectively you can deliver to them what they need.

This means that goal achievement should be your number one priority. Giving your users a streamlined, intuitive experience enhances your reputation, increases conversions and supports your inbound and outbound marketing efforts. This is the Shout UX Design advantage.

A user’s interaction with your products and services begins long before they get their hands on what you can provide. It begins the second they start their search. This is why we deal in full-service user experience solutions, supporting positive engagement and outcomes across the whole life cycle of interaction.
Interface Design

Interface Design

At Shout, we don’t view visual design as something superficial. Instead, we make these aesthetics a core element of our customer experience. By combining the three principles of experience, insight and creativity, we are able to deliver any aim or objective, and to work with our clients to make their vision happen.

Our award-winning, in-house creative team can help you to transform your ideas and concepts into a stunning reality. Our design expertise covers much more than just mobile and web.

Ian Mullen

CX is at the centre of everything we do. It helps us to understand the customers' point of view, anticipate their needs and reactions while taking into account the needs of the business and the capabilities of the technology. 

Ian Mullen | Creative Director at Shout Digital

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