Shout and the Public Sector

Digital Service Development

A tried and tested path to technology-enabled service design with a citizen focus. 


At Shout we have a long track record of working with highly user-centric sectors and organisations. 

We are committed to designing and creating inclusive user experiences, developing a deep understanding of how people access a service, both online and offline, and using that insight to create user-focussed digital solutions. 

Our core technical capabilities help deliver solutions through discovery, alpha, beta and live phases, underpinned by a culture and practice of high quality, secure software engineering.


Understanding the challenge.

From the start, we work to understand the challenge an organisation faces and discover the needs of users. Based in thorough user research and user-centred design principles, we work with partner organisations to understand how to translate a process into a digital service - whether an existing process that requires digitisation, or solving a novel need through true innovation. 

Situational Analysis

Situational Analysis

Our in-depth analysis provides a thorough understanding of an organisation’s current situation, clearly defines their desired situation and highlights the key opportunities and threats to a successful transformation.



We combine qualitative and quantitative research methods to clearly define the wants and needs of your users and stakeholders, enabling us to provide genuine solutions to the challenges they face.



The outputs of our research and analysis are aligned with the right technologies and services to form a strategic roadmap, breaking the journey into manageable iterations that start delivering results at the earliest opportunity.

Development, Alpha and Beta

Engineering success.

Whether we’re creating a platform from architecture up, or adopting an existing digital estate and making it work harder, our engineering services channel the exceptional talent of our team into making software solutions that are robust, performant, usable and accessible.


Cloud Engineering

Public Cloud Architecture

Platform as a Service (PaaS), inc GOV.UK

API-first Integration Services

Security, Scalability & Resilience

Managed Services


Software Engineering

Systems Architecture
& Design

Digital Service Development

Implementation Services

Quality Assurance

Alpha & Beta Phases


Digital Service Development

Government Digital Service (GDS) Standard compliant

Technology Code of Practice (TCoP) compliant

Agile Delivery Methodology

Prototyping & Design Patterns

Progressive Enhancement Approach

Accessibility Reviews 

Support in Live

Digital services that work harder.

We’re here to make sure services remain perfrormant in a fast-moving digital world. We offer ongoing support services, and can work with the digital delivery team identifying emerging opportunities for continous improvement programmes - all with user needs at the heart. 

Managed Services

Managed Services

Ongoing support and development ensures your digital service infrastructure continues to be robust, available and performant, while providing in-house teams with the breathing room to focus on moving service delivery forward.

Digital Partnering

Digital Partnering

Our partnership model aims to augment in-house teams with the knowledge and skills of our experts, for a truly collaborative approach to improving citizen experience through technology.

Monitoring & Optimisation

Monitoring & Optimisation

Evaluating user experience and performance is a continuous process, dissecting analytics and scanning horizons to uncover emerging opportunities for progress.

Frameworks and comissioning

How to work with us

We participate in public sector procurement frameworks, and also welcome direct engagement with potential clients, whether you have a fully developed RFP or just want to chat about an idea or challenge. 


We're currently participating in the following procurement frameworks 

  • Met Office – Delivery Partnerships Framework
  • CCS - G-Cloud
  • CCS – Digital Outcomes & Specialists

Direct contracting

Our clients work with us on both project cost basis and on FTE models for ongoing digital partnership. We're happy to discuss the available commercial models for engagement ahead of your project - get in touch with us to find out more. 

Talk to our experts about designing a digital service your users will love.

Some of our work delivering user-focussed digital services 

Northumbrian Water Customer App

Northumbrian Water Customer App

Simple and flexible self-service for utilities customers

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