Desiging experiences for users on the go

Our Mobile App Development Work

From keeping on top of bills on the go, to immersive location-specific experiences for events and exhibitions, the ubiquitous smartphone can be the key to delivering seamless user experiences. 

Beyond the phone, tough-books, wearables, and Internet of Things projects can take technology into new niches to better serve your customers and your employees. 

An integrated mobile application can help organisations deliver smooth employee and customer journeys at the heart of a total experience (TX) strategy. 

Some of our Mobile App Development Projects

Our work in mobile covers a diverse range of industries and use cases, proving that the mini computer in our pockets is a gateway to all kinds of experiences. 

ShareMyToolbox App

An innovative digital product that helps companies keep track of tool inventory, saving millions in lost time - and lost kit. 

Northumbrian Water Employee App

Integrated toolkits to deliver more efficient services and improve the overall employee experience - in turn improving experience for customers.

Our approach to mobile.

Build a business case

Build a business case

We can help you with digital service conceptualisation and design, prioritising the parts of your process that would benefit from a mobile approach and supporting your business case with prototypes and proof of concept work. 

Start with your users

Start with your users

Careful user research, customer journey mapping and UX design underpins each of our mobile projects.

Consider your whole digital estate

Consider your whole digital estate

How will your mobile experience be linked with other touchpoints? Do you need to integrate your web estate or CRM? 

Cross device compatibility

Cross device compatibility

With expert developers in both iOS and Android, our native-first approach ensures a smooth experience on either platform. We test with a range of physical devices from Apple and the leading Android manufacturers.

Long term support

Long term support

Having an app means you now manage a digital product. Mobile technology and user expectations change over time. We will help you define a plan for long term support and technical upgrades. 

Secure implementations

Secure implementations

For the security testing of mobile apps, we use the OWASP Mobile Security Testing Guide (MSTG) and OWASP Mobile Application Security Verification Standard (MASVS) as guidelines for the creation of security-related test scripts. Furthermore, for clients in regulated industries, our application source code goes through independent third-party security audits.

Audit, health check and review services 

If you have an app already, we can perform an audit to review the current state and identify risks and opportunities for improvement. 

Talk to us about how an audit can help you spot ways to improve performance, compliance, reliability and customer experience in your mobile app. 

  • Mobile App UX review 
  • Mobile App Accessibility auditing 
  • Mobile App Performance testing
  • Security review 
  • Data security & compliance audit

Digital Service Design & Engineering

We can help you turn your idea into a mobile app - whether that's an existing business process or service, or a brand new concept. 

We will start with a discovery session with you and key stakeholders, and build a UX design process, testing early app concepts and prototypes with real life users. 

Mobile Project Adopt & Update

Many organisations are on their second or third app development by this point, and rather than start again simply want to update and optimise their existing digital services. We can adopt, review and update your app, getting it ready for today's devices and App Store and Google Play Store standards. 


Android, iOS, and cross-platform. 

We have specialist engineers in both native SDKs and cross-platform development. We can advise on the right approach for your context. 

Our cross platform apps typically use React Native or .NET, and we have also adopted and migrated several Xamarin-built apps to .NET. 

We will work with you to understand your audience and organisational context and advise the right technology combination to serve your users. 

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