Sitecore was classed as a leader for its Ability to Execute - although Sitecore’s capabilities encompass far more than just web content management.

Sitecore's Experience Platform

Sitecore's Experience Platform includes personalization, analytics. A/B and multi-variate testing and behavioral targeting in a single seamless product helping support transforming the customer experience.

At Shout we understand how to leverage the wealth of capabilities of the Sitecore Experience Platform to drive meaningful and transformative results for your online presence - whether that be through dynamic personalization of content, improved conversion or detailed insights into your user's behavior.


The focus on Customer Experience is transforming the way marketers think about using customer data to deliver individualistic on site journeys . Being able to deliver such bespoke, personalized, content builds on the well-known practices in User Experience design such as persona development and user segmentation.

Sitecore provides two powerful approaches – rules based and predictive personalization.

With rules-based personalization, you can apply rules directly to components and content on a web page, and if a rule is triggered different content or functionality can be surfaced to the customer. A simple rule could be detecting the country of a user based on an IP address lookup.

Predictive personalization scores interactions against goals and events to an aggregate value that can be assigned to a customer profile and align that customer with what is akin to a persona.

By using one or combining both types of personalization, the power to present individualistic experiences across digital channels becomes a reality that all marketers can utilize.

Experience Analytics

Marketers continue to ask questions around how best to get a deeper understanding of customer interactions and subsequently trace outcomes back to the marketing strategies they are executing. 

Obtaining greater insight into customer behavior is readily delivered with the Experience Analytics available within Sitecore. Track and analyze the interactions across all of your content and channels, understand the effectiveness of your customer experience. 

With over 80+ out-of-the-box reports to supplement traditional web metrics, you can obtain greater insights into your audience, their acquisition and behavior. 

Experience Marketing

Experience Marketing is about more than just what you put on your brand's website; it extends to the email messages you send out to your clients as well. However, poorly timed emails can turn your customers off and may even make you lose their business to your competitors. 

To ensure that you are engaging with your customers through email in the best way possible, Sitecore's capabilities enable you to understand the context of what your customers need - and when - so that you can deliver exactly what they are looking for at exactly the right times. We can provide the expertise and insight to help you make the most of the data that Sitecore produces so that you can execute email marketing campaigns to the greatest success. 

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