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CPP develops innovative products and services by partnering with financial service and insurance companies across the globe, uniquely combining offerings to create compelling propositions for their partners’ customers.

Their technology-led approach seeks to add value by creating convenient, brand-enhancing experiences that put the power in the hands of the end user, while simultaneously easing pressures on internal resources.

When launching the CPP Card Rescue product, CPP’s digital channels team wanted to create a mobile experience and members offer that would allow customers to service and manage their policy entirely from their device.

The Challenge

The Card Rescue product offered protection against loss or theft, giving customers the ability to report loss, arrange replacement cards and protect themselves from possible card or ID fraud.

And while most banks and credit providers offer these services directly to their customers for free, the real value in CPP’s product was the removal of the inconvenience and unrest of an already stressful situation, providing instant peace of mind with the tap of a button.

To make this happen, there were several key technical challenges the Shout team needed to overcome:

Integrating with multiple card issuers

Enabling users to add all of their cards was essential to make the product viable.

Meeting financial services security standards

In order to protect customers’ sensitive data, our final implementation was subject to a rigorous external audit to ensure best practice compliance.

Providing multi-language support

To give CPP the ability to roll the solution out internationally.

The Solution

We delivered native iOS & Android applications, providing 24/7 assistance to customers, with a simple, intuitive UI that created reassurance in a potentially complex and intimidating process.

The overall user experience makes the process as hassle - free as possible for the customer, from scanning cards to capture and store details , or using geolocation to trigger the necessary actions within the customers territory.

We were able to vastly reduce the need for CSE intervention by integrating with card issuers, allowing the entire process of loss reporting to be completed through the app.

Secure by design, the app meets PCI’s robust and comprehensive standards surrounding payment card data security.

“The team at Shout Digital are innovative, committed and really dependable. I can honestly say I feel that they care as much about my business as I do. The work they deliver is fantastic.”
Group Head of Customer Experience
CPP Group

The Outcome

The project was a customer experience success, enabling members to entirely self - service their policy from their smartphone - ultimately helping CPP succeed in making the occurrence of losing cards, and potentially the sensitive data attached to them, a less unsettling one.

For both CPP and their partners, the app has streamlined the process of loss reporting and issuing replacement cards , while delivering them with a highly scalable service model , that continues to contribute to the overall growth of CPP group.

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