Real time and location triggered updates for passengers


Newcastle International Airport place a huge emphasis on passenger experience and invest heavily in the latest technology to deliver a service worthy of the accolade to its 5.4 million annual users. In 2022, that hard work was rewarded as the airport was named UK and Irish Airport of the Year.

They wanted to develop a mobile app to provide key information, marketing messages and the ability to cross-sell services. Car parking, lounge access, and fast-track access are all available as add ons.

This presented a huge opportunity to maximise their operational efficiency, improve the customer experience, and deliver an exceptional customer journey.

Shout built upon their original vision, harnessing beacon technology to deliver real-time updates and offers to users based on their flight details and location within the terminal for an app development that exceeded expectations.


The Challenge

The app needed to be relevant and useful for a range of users from frequent flyers who may use the airport very regularly, families taking their annual summer holiday and customers collecting friends and relatives from arriving flights, and needed to include:

  • Live flight data
  • Weather conditions at destination
  • Parking, lounge and security fast-track bookings
  • Offers and rewards for loyal customers at airport restaurants and shops

The airport had a website which we were asked to support and host as part of the app development project. However, we were restricted in how much content we could use from the website.

The Solution

Shout used an analyst organisation to get feedback on airlines and apps in the travel space, applying thinking internally around what was working and using empirical data from people working in the travel space.

As a result of the app build, the Airport asked us to rebuild the website, which enabled us to streamline more areas where the app communicates with the website. We created a single point of authorship in the CMS for content across the website and the app.

The app supports the passenger journey by providing real-time flight alerts straight to their phone. It also offers exclusive departure lounge discounts, the ability to book fast track, lounge and car parking products, and access pre-travel advice and information.

The app also provides quick and easy access to the airport’s arrivals and departures information, available at the touch of a button.

Using geofencing to tell the app when passengers are approaching the airport, we were able to update and surface more relevant passenger information as and when it was appropriate.

The Outcome

Tailored to meet the requirements of the airport’s passengers, the mobile app provides a seamless user experience for travelling passengers or members of the public looking for information.

The app was built for iOS and Android, and is now a stable and secure, performant, high quality build that provides an end-to-end seamless solution.

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