9 reasons our clients love Umbraco

As an Umbraco Gold partner, our team have extensive experience in creating beautiful and usable websites using Umbraco CMS. But it’s not just our developers that love working with the open source .NET CMS- here’s just a few of the reasons Umbraco is the number one choice for so many of our clients.

9 reasons our clients love Umbraco

1. Highly customisable

Open source code gives our developers a vast level of flexibility and customisation, which means we can easily build and extend sites to meet our clients’ vision, rather than working around the constraints of a particular CMS.

It can also work seamlessly with the other 3rd party systems. Whether you want to connect Umbraco with your CRM, ecommerce platform or other business tools, the thoroughly documented APIs allow us to develop any 3rd party integration our clients need.


2. User friendly

For marketers and content publishers, it doesn’t get much better than Umbraco when it comes to the editing experience.

Its simple interface, intuitive workflow and content scheduling make it easy for anyone to learn and use- there’s also a wealth of video tutorials available to support content managers.


3. Design control

When our clients are investing in creating frequent and high value content for their website, we don’t want their efforts to be devalued by unengaging single column layouts.

We’re firm believers in giving them the freedom and control to make their content as beautiful and engaging as possible. 

With Umbraco, users can drop any type of content into grid based layouts to support effortless visual storytelling. 

Creating reusable components for our clients gives them the flexibility of a DIY site builder and the bespoke brand treatment and finessed UI of a professionally designed page.


4. Responsive Previews

Design control is all well and good, but if it only looks good on the device you’re working on your efforts are wasted.

 Fortunately, Umbraco’s responsive page previews give you the comfort and control to refine your content design for mobile and desktop before you hit publish.


5. In-built SEO features

On page SEO features give editors the tools to ensure your content displays as you want in search engine results pages and all your copy and images are ideally structured for web crawlers, if header tags and alt tags are all used correctly.

More importantly, Umbraco comes with out of the box technical SEO and performance features to ensure your CMS is working to optimise your search ranking.


6. Multilingual support

Whether you’re already an international company or want the option for your business to expand into other countries in the future, Umbraco’s in-built multi language support makes it easy to adapt your content for other regions.

Language variants in Umbraco 8 and above give you the control to edit content for different regions side by side, preview in all available languages and the ability to publish content for each location independently.


7. Community support

Umbraco developers, contributors and all round enthusiasts of the content management system can benefit from an unrivalled online support community.

If you have in-house development expertise, they’ll benefit from the shared knowledge to improve your digital estate. 

If you’re reliant on an agency for all of your development requirements, the chances are your requests will be turned around quicker thanks to the additional resources available to members of the Umbraco community.


8. Continuous improvements

The community isn’t just for developers, the feedback and concerns raised within the space help Umbraco shape it’s own product roadmap.

The platform is regularly maintained to improve performance, fix bugs and its feature set, ensuring longevity and reliability for all users.


9. It's free!

Possibly our clients’ favourite thing about Umbraco CMS- it’s entirely free to use, meaning there’s no monthly costs or add ons for certain features. Ultimately, your website budget can be spent on building the site and features that matters to you and your customers.


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