Expert Eye

Mobile app audit

FROM £1,500 +VAT

  • '360’ best practice review of your app and app store presence by out UX, QA, Marketing and Mobile Engineering experts

  • Insight packed report with observations, recommendations and ‘top 10’ of low effort + high impact improvements

  • Analysis call to discuss your outcomes and potential next steps

What are we testing for?

UI and Usability Best Practice

Performance and stability

Quality (i.e. bugs)

Overall UX


App store presence

In-depth solutions

Code Review

from £3,000 +VAT

Mobile Engineering & UX/UI specialists take a deeper dive into design patterns, developer experience, coding best practice, security, accessibility etc.

User testing

from £3,000 +VAT

UX specialists help you identify particular pain points and design tests, which are conducted in person or remotely in Shout’s UX lab

Full QA

from £3,000 +VAT

Certified QA engineers review your test coverage, run additional tests and make recommendations a) to improve the product and b) to improve your QA approach

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