the solution to group digital platforms

Multisite Digital Estates

By combining your digital services in a single platform, you maximise the features you can deliver from a shared technology budget.

You can keep your hosting, security and infrastructure centralised, and free your business units to own their content delivery.

Shared components and approval processes keep things moving smoothly. 


One platform, many sites.

Each website within your Group portfolio, including the parent website, can be hosted on a single platform. Share infrastructure, integrations and content components, create variation only where it adds value.


Easy to use content editing experience.

Let your editors make and publish content, using shared components, a flexible editor and a simple draft-approve-publish workflow built in.

Granular access controls with customisable groups let you grant permissions according to job role or business unit.


Reusable components for engaging experiences - that stay on-brand.

Do you need your websites to look like twins, or more like distant cousins? Each site can draw from centralized components and templates, adding just the right amount of brand flavour to each instance.

Separate your business logic and front-end styling to create brand-specific experiences, and maintain a consistent approach.


Rapid ramp up & onboarding.

We’ll get your core website features up and running early in the project, so you can see progress and get started on finessing your content while custom development is ongoing.

The group architecture solution has made the process of managing and maintaining our websites more efficient, meaning we can divert more budget to delivering enhancements that our customers care about. Now when we need to add a new site, the process has reduced to days not weeks. Our content teams love it too – through the shared component library they’re able to create and deploy engaging, on-brand experiences more quickly, and with less scope for design to drift away from our style guide.
Faizal Lambat

Fast track expansion to grow with your business.

Once your platform and components are developed, add new websites to the group in days, and for a significantly smaller budget. Perfect for businesses undergoing rapid change programmes, or running a merger and acquisition strategy. 


Integrate your business systems.

We’ll tackle your integrations using a modern composable architecture, and low code solutions. Get the most from your legacy systems and don’t lock yourself in with monolithic platforms.


Powered by Umbraco.

Our multisite estates tend to be powered by Umbraco. The easy to use content editing experience, flexible API architecture and headless capabilities mean this platform can be at the heart of the most ambitious digital experiences.

The aim of our recent Qualhub project was to create a single webspace for NCFE. The main issues we wanted to address was updating our out-of-date product catalogue whilst improving user experience. Overall, the process was smooth and whilst we had some small issues along the way, they were dealt with in a timely manner and Shout provided great support throughout. Since the integration of the two websites, we have seen a significant increase in website traffic, resource downloads and the number of requested approvals. Overall, our users are more engaged with the website, and we have had some fantastic internal and external feedback.
Kate McKay

Certified secure by design

Our experienced team have delivered solutions for banks and financial institutions, and use current best practice and a suite of security tools and services to deliver OWASP compliant solutions.

For extra peace of mind, we hold ISO 27001 certification, holding us to account on our rigorous information security management system. This covers both the data we hold internatlly, and the way we deliver client projects.