Northumbria University’s Vision for 2025 is to be a research-rich, business-focused, professional university with a global reputation for academic excellence.

Northumbria University partnered with Shout to refresh its existing website. 

Working collaboratively with the University, we had to consider a wide range of demographics, whilst creating the new digital experience for their distinct and diverse audience.

Visitors to the current sight included:

 Prospective UK and International students
 Teaching staff
 UK and International undergraduates
 UK and International postgraduates
 UK and International researchers

Northumbria University

Product Strategy

Product Design

Software Engineering

Platform Engineering

Product Growth

Northumbria University website screenshot

The challenge

The primary aim of the refreshed Northumbria University site was to convey the University's vision and values to the outside world.

The website also needed to cater to a diverse set of audiences, each with its own individual needs and behaviours.

To do this, the University wanted a website with a content management system that was flexible, scalable, and could deliver personalised experiences.

Users of the existing University website were experiencing slow load times and confusion when working on the content management system.

The project to redevelop the University's site required that we migrate all the existing content and integrations from the site's outdated CMS into a new platform.

The migration would allow for greater control over the presentation and publishing of content. It would also enable multiple users to edit and work on the website's content simultaneously – all without impacting the site's speed or functionality.

Screenshot of Sitecore CMS
Sitecore Logo

The solution

Shout initiated an initial discovery stage for the Northumbria University website redevelopment project. We needed to identify that all the elements required to deliver the web rebuild were fully understood and mapped out. We also wanted to consider if we could identify any opportunities for improvements and optimisations along the way.

We used Sitecore to replace Northumbria University's incumbent content management system because of its flexibility, scalability and ability to deliver personalised experiences.

Migrating the existing website into the latest Sitecore platform gave content authors and managers more control of the site and the ability to cater to the University's distinct and diverse audience demographics and psychographics with personalised experiences.

The result

The Sitecore migration and the improvements made to the Northumbria University website build have given staff the flexibility to create and manage content with significantly more efficiency and accountability.

The Sitecore experience platform and associated analytics have allowed for the automated personalisation of site content. Content can now be based on a site visitor's intent – or on a defined persona, based on previous browsing behaviour. This functionality has given the teams at Northumbria University a greater understanding of the behaviour and needs of their website visitors.

Northumbria University staff can now communicate more effectively and personally with their different stakeholders with ease. The Sitecore implementation supports every stage of the University as a business, from initial student recruitment through to the onboarding of prospective research candidates and staff members.

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