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Using carefully designed architecture and a powerful content management platform, Novuna's multisite solution helps the team drive engagement and revenue.

£40m daily revenue opportunity

11 digital services supported

24/7 monitoring and support


We have been working with Novuna since 2019 as a long-term digital partner, collaborating closely with stakeholders in both Marketing and IT, to deliver and optimise their marketing estate, of nine websites and digital services.

Novuna are one of the UKs most trusted finance providers, offering innovative financial solutions and outstanding customer experiences to consumers, small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and corporate multinationals.

Our brief was to adopt, optimize and extend a complex digital estate, comprised of nine enterprise websites and digital services to support customers and deliver revenue opportunity through first class user experience and underpin the estate with robust infrastructure.

The Challenge

Novuna’s web estate is responsible for generating in excess of £40m in revenue opportunity each day, and their pivotal role in delivering marketing-qualified leads means high performance and always-on availability are paramount.

With a digital estate of nine websites and digital services, the Novuna team invests substantial time and resources in keeping those experiences current, usable and optimized.  

Novuna need the tools and constraints in place to ensure that editors can build amazing experiences, whilst maintaining consistency. 

As their business grows and evolves, new digital services and the websites to showcase them need to be rapidly created. 

The team needed a new approach to evolve the estate and provide the bridge to their future vision.

How might we refactor and optimize what they already have, rather than start again? 

The Approach

Adopt & Optimise

How can we make the most of what is already here?

The project began with a forensic onboarding process, to understand the current sites and infrastructure, and the business goals the estate needed to support.

We conducted a root and branch audit and made recommendations to modernise and streamline the estate. Work started with a migration to the latest version of Umbraco.

The Azure infrastructure was optimised to support CI/CD and improve stability, performance and security. We also agreed SLAs for a 24/7 monitoring and support service.

'Whole company' vision and approach

What does success look like?

Both the marketing and IT teams at Novuna contributed to developing a shared vision for the estate.

We facilitated UX workshops, and then created a plan for the specific components, functionality and integrations required to deliver the vision.

Reusable components for consistency

Feature rich and on-brand experiences

We developed a suite of reusable and feature rich CMS components.

This addressed the challenge of maintaining a consistent presence across so many sites. Teams were empowered to rapidly spin up new experiences.

The content editors can create rich, elegant, experiences for their customers across the estate, without involving a developer or writing any code.

The components were carefully designed components to allow for a high degree of sophistication. Sharing them across the sites provides tight control for a cohesive brand presence.

Long term mindset

Delivering an ongoing roadmap

The partnership quickly evolved into a long-term digital programme of work, with value streams including:

  • Creating new Umbraco sites for Vehicle Solutions & Personal Finance
  • Developing Novuna’s EV Hub & Fleet Portal for major customers
  • Developing a co-branded EV leasing portal with RAC
    Rebrand of the marketing estate from Hitachi Capital to Novuna
  • Architecting a geo-redundancy high availability solution
  • Delivering ongoing Continuous Improvement programmes across the estate
"When it comes to Umbraco or Azure web services, Shout's expertise and knowledge is second to none. In the last 3 years I’ve engaged and worked with exceptionally talented developers and project managers, who are invested and feel like an extension of the Novuna team. Shout are very proactive, they deliver exceptional service with positive outcomes."
Faizal Lambat

The Outcome

A Multisite solution, with efficient and effective architecture

Today, Novuna has a highly performant multisite estate, delivering on revenue targets and providing best in class customer experiences for their users. 

A fresh take on legacy applications

Parts of the estate provide an optimized, modern, front-end for the internal systems that underpin their leasing and finance sales. Minimal changes were needed to the underlying tools.

Efficient content editing

The shared elements across the estate mean teams are empowered through easy-to-use content management systems, and a range of reusable components that allow them to craft engaging, on-brand experiences rapidly and effectively.

Future proofed infrastructure

The platform is underpinned with a modern, robust, and scalable infrastructure, protecting their presence with a high availability, high performance architecture. The set up is designed to scale with the business. 

We continue to work with Novuna’s teams on delivering their digital future.


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