Share My Toolbox is growing rapidly in popularity in the United States and has been adopted by a number of high profile construction organisations.

The Challenge

The construction industry in the United States relative to GDP is valued at over $780bn per annum and is composed of 650,000 companies, 93% of which have fewer than 20 employees.

Unlike heavy equipment, due to US tax laws, most companies are allowed to expense tools and treat them as consumables rather than capitalizing them. Unfortunately, this can result in widespread asset losses and enormous cost implications for tools and equipment that are lost due to theft, mismanagement and lack of accountability. started a global search for a digital partner that would make their business applicable and user-friendly, from workers on site to head office logistics and resource managers. They were looking for a digital solution to help solve an industry-wide problem and position as the solution.

Gary Boon | CEO at Shout Digital

The Solution

Shout Digital created a complex, yet a highly accurate multi-platform monitoring solution that would enable organizations to track every tool, no matter how large or small. 
Most existing systems on the market were taking a centralized inventory approach to check tools in and out, however, a new approach was needed to that was designed for field employees rather than the warehouse manager. 

The ShareMyToolbox solution uses the latest technologies in the mobile and cloud computing space to offer real-time tracking, sharing and management of a whole organization’s inventory of tools and equipment. The whereabouts of tens of thousands of tools can now be tracked effortlessly with the sophisticated mobile application, providing field visibility into an organization’s tool catalog making employees more accountable. 

The Result

Shout Digital created The App allows workers to pass on ‘ownership’ of tools within an organization that means time wasted in tracking is kept to a minimum. is growing rapidly in popularity in the United States and has been adopted by a number of high profile construction organizations.  

We also continue to work with to deliver continual improvement and support for the applications.

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